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Behind the scenes

At the Kaia-Kaipe Restaurant we are defined by what you can’t see.

Our cuisine, made with locally sourced, seasonal produce, the excellence of our grill, our own seafood tank, and an impressive cellar are our finest attributes.

60 years of effort to achieve the very best of quality

We work with local suppliers and their ingredients. This produce is the mainstay of our cuisine, and we respect and prepare it in the endeavour to achieve its greatest expression on the palate.

A journey to authenticity

The art of the grill master is a complicated one: the exact temperature, the perfect dressing and taking just the right amount of time are the main ingredients for achieving the best results. This is a performance in which the finest fish of the day comes alive before being served at the table.

Aluxury that makes all the difference

We are enormously privileged to have a tank in which to keep a wide variety of living seafood in optimum conditions. Thanks to this tank, our guests can enjoy seafood of unbeatable freshness.

A vast treasure

With more than 1,500 references, the best pairing is guaranteed at all times. The bottles are stored in the perfect conditions of a climate-controlled cellar, and its extensive variety ensures the best selection.